La naturaleza es siempre la respuesta

Presentation of "Fusionando ciudad y naturaleza"

  • 12 Dec
  • 12 Dec
  • 12-12-23 (19:00) to 12-12-23
  • Event format: hybrid

Next 12 December, Roca Madrid Gallery will host the presentation of the book Fusionando ciudad y naturaleza Batlle i Roig's last book.

Under the slogan "nature is always the answer", architects Enric Batlle and Joan Roig will debate, guided by Luis Fernández-Galiano, about the role of architecture facing the challenges of the current climate emergency and the necessity of improving our planet's way of life. 

As a transformative agent for the city, architecture has the will to work with nature and for nature. This has been the aim of Batlle i Roig throughout their fourty-year trajectory, now explained in a publication that collects some of their most relevant works.

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