It's time for Roca

Creativity, innovation, and style come together in Roca's window display to capture the concept of its futuristic and timeless designs

  • 17 Jan
  • 31 Dec

Roca Madrid Gallery has kicked off 2019 with its new window display before an audience of more than 150 people. It is a unique piece consisting of the gears of a clock and a heart, made up of different Roca products designed by the Unaluna Publicidad studio.

‘It's time for Roca' represents the concept behind this piece, which is based on the idea that only what we remember lasts forever. It is always time for Roca since it stays with us through every stage of life thanks to its innovative and timeless designs.

Roca Madrid Gallery adds movement to this new window display, designed with a high level of visual aesthetics and technical detail to connect with the public and become a benchmark for window dressing in Madrid. Its scale aims to capture the attention of passers-by to convey the message through the motion of the gears that move time. The metallic finish of the pieces takes us back to the industrial era, a very relevant time for the company's origins.

The intention is to present temporary scenarios that convey Roca's values in a creative and original way. The products used are three circular INSPIRA basins, four round RAINDREAM shower heads, and the IRIDIA mirror. All of them coincide with the axes of the moving gears and are creatively integrated into the piece.

The Roca Madrid Gallery window display on José Abascal Street has become a city landmark that creatively, visually, and uniquely showcases the brand's most iconic and innovative products.