Ona, a Mediterranean lifestyle


  • 31 Mar
  • 30 Jun

Since last 31st March you can enjoy our new shopwindow Ona, a Mediterranean lifestyle, designed by Estudio Cobalto and assembled by Grupo Eventix this shopwindow enters for the first time the product exhibiton of Roca Madrid Gallery. You can watch the presentation video here.

This work is inspired by ONA, a new colection by Roca which pays homage to the diverse forms of nature of the Mediterranean Sea. Functionality and aesthetic of this collection connect with the warm natural environment and it is made for those who enjoy the power of silent landscapes. Based on this concept, the shopwindow exhibits a mediterranean scenery in which the sea, vegetation, the sky and Mediterranean architecture are surrounded by a series of sand dunes which go across all the space together with grasses and rocks. 

The key element of this project is the rounded arches and a staircase that sinks in the dunes where we can find Roca products. Ona, a Mediterranean lifestyle invites to the observation of a blow of the wind through an enormous curtain which evoques movement, inviting us to contemplate the ocean, spend time with our loved ones and listen to ourselves. Discover the making off of the shopwindow here.

Roca Madrid Gallery uses its shopwindow to exhibit the most innovative products of the company and to invite the public to discover them in a unique, different way. Its glass has hosted, among others, a huge whale made out of more than 60 different products from different Roca collections, a shocking four-meter-tall heart made out of 3 212 with china hooks, a floating installation with five W+Ws or a project centered on the origin and the process of creation of the company.