Plastic Oceans

A 'Plastic Ocean' fills the window display of the Roca Madrid Gallery

  • 28 Jan
  • 30 Nov

Millions of life forms inhabit the oceans, some microscopic and others gigantic...

Today, in the ocean and all over the planet, we face significant challenges that will affect the future of the species that inhabit it. Pollution and the climate crisis are just two of the many problems determining our future. Roca, through its We Are Water Foundation, is working to mitigate some of these severe problems and to contribute to a more sustainable and fairer future for all of us.

For this reason, the Roca Madrid Gallery presented its new window display created by Estudio MIRA. Celebrating the new year 2020, a year in which social commitment to sustainability and the challenges we must all face in the fight against climate change are more urgent than ever.

Through this privileged window to the city, the Roca Madrid Gallery conveys the brand's core values originally and creatively: innovation, design, architecture, and sustainability.