The power of curiosity


  • 31 Mar
  • 30 Jun

‘The power of curiosity' is a piece created by the Eventix Group aiming to reflect on a primary and very human emotion: curiosity.

The interest in what surrounds us is an inextricable part of humankind's progress; it has driven us to discover, advance, and progress. A constant quest to know more and learn has led us to improve our well-being and achieve significant breakthroughs in society.

As Carlos Brayda stated, this work seeks to appeal to the emotions and is "a concept inspired by the Curiosity spacecraft and the space mission to Mars, considered a milestone in space exploration," applying this leitmotiv to the window display and connecting it with Roca, "which has always been committed to innovation in design and the optimisation of resources."

The large-scale piece shows a 6-metre-long UFO anchored to a mirrored wall of approximately 5 metres, which provides the required depth. Roca products, such as Inspira basins, shower heads, and taps, have been added. Furthermore, a space robot with more than ten different taps on its structure completes this spaceship.

This is also the first window display "that incorporates the floor as an artistic part of the piece itself and manages to provide continuity to creativity, as well as greater significance to the two objects that make up the piece," stated Juan José Álvarez, the Group's commercial director.

Given the importance of design today in promoting and democratising the concepts of recycling, climate change, and sustainability in society, recycled materials are also present in this piece, accounting for 50% of the total.

Elisa Martínez, Roca Madrid Gallery Manager, said, "This storefront is the third creation of the Eventix Group for Roca and the 23rd window display since the start of the itinerant window dressing project. Through this privileged window to the city, Roca conveys artistically and creatively the values of innovation, design, and sustainability, which it stands for."

The opening was attended by Carlos Brayda, designer and set designer of the Eventix Group; Juan José Álvarez, commercial director of the Group; and Elisa Martínez, Roca Madrid Gallery Manager, who explained the creation and production project of the installation.

The Roca Madrid Gallery uses its window display to showcase the brand's latest products and invite the public to discover them differently. Its windows have displayed, among others, an impressive whale made with more than 60 Roca collections, a striking heart almost four metres high made from 3,212 small white robe hooks, a floating installation of five W+W units or 'Roca's fruit,' a project centred on botany and the concept of origin that explains the painstaking process of creating Roca products. You can see a retrospective of the showcases made since 2011 here.